The best prospect I could afford in over two years of looking

The best prospect I could afford in some years of looking and saving

I started this in 2007. Late 2007 to be precise. I was just starting to become secure in my first (and last) permanent job that I had eased into starting as a minimum wage temporary worker. A long way to climb to the almost national average salary I was earning at the point I left several years later.

I came into some interesting information in late 2007. It seemed a little implausible – that abrupt climate change would destroy modern civilisation within the relatively near future, but as a result I started to take a strong interest in climate change and the functioning of the earth system. It soon became clear to me that it was at least a possibility and the provenance of the information led me to take it seriously.

Accordingly, rather than start to realise a standard and mode of living normal for my culture I began this undertaking. It amounts to a catastrophe insurance policy for civilisation though in reality it isn’t so complicated as it is dictated by the limitations of one person of limited means undertaking a hard and lonely journey. In the years since then most of my time – one way or another – has gone into this. The vast majority of my lifetime wealth too. Most people in 2007 and I imagine more than a few even now would say I was insane, but I prefer to think of myself as determined (amongst other things).

Now – as we stand on the brink of abrupt climate change and the consequent effects on the earth system I feel somewhat vindicated. It’s still early to openly speak about what I am doing – but for people who are increasingly informed and concerned about the changes occurring in the earth system – especially in the Arctic – I would hope my actions no longer seem quite as irrational as they once might have.

What else is a young man to do in this world left to him by his ancestors, if he is not the sort of person to meekly submit in defeat?



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  1. A Noah for our time. You’ve hit the nail on the head. What is the most important thing any of us can be doing with our lives right now? Working for a sustainability future if it’s not already too late.

  2. Go for it dude, I’m a little old for it maybe, 58, and actually suffering a disease that I am currently undergoing treatments for thanks to Health Care for the Homeless. If you haven’t left by late 2014 then maybe I’ll jump aboard if that’s feasible. Nevertheless, do it, do it, do it.

  3. Somewhat similar, for quite a few years now i am trying to find an acceptable solution. To me, though, “solo” survival means pretty much nothing. I am not after it. Perhaps it has to do with my past experiences of being homeless (longest streak was almost a year of being one). Instead, i am finding myself trying harder and harder to imagine a solution which would provide for communities large enough to maintain a level of civilization at least on par with 19th century (roughly speaking). It must be said, however, that i, so far, failed to find such a solution.

    It’s not hard to imagine what i think mankind needs – as a means of insurance policy (in terms for most folks, still, even now in 2013) / as a means of the only possible course of action, if mankind intends to survive as more than a cavemen (in terms of few folks like me who know quite well that industrial civilization won’t make it to 22nd century, and even likely not into the 2nd half of 21st). Indeed, James Lovelock in his “Vanishing Face of Gaia” book speaks in detail about “oases”, “islands” of remaining civilization. This seems the only realistically possible future for our grandkids – perhaps, even for our kids and ourselves (those of us who are young). What is unclear is “how” to get from global industrial civilization to functioning local self-sufficient (even if much lower-level tech) civilizations (mankind will need to be many, not just one or two of those).

    It is also easy to see how people like the creator of this site could cooperate extremely well. And it’s undisputable that the only way to achieve seriously significant results – is via cooperation of large number of people. Was the case with piramids in Egypt, was the case with making, say, Hoover dam, was the case in mapping human genome, was the case in “conquering” Wild West, – you name it. Same, will be the case in surviving through the incoming collapse of “big” mankind.

    It’s even not to difficult to see how to “filter out” all the possible would-be-speculators, exploiters, liers: the effort and locations suitable for long-term survival are both very harsh. Only people who are truly sure and have definite knowledge about what’s incoming would chose to leave comforts and ease of modern civilization and go into wilder and much more harsh “far enough from big mankind” places, and try to build the future there (as it’s in general very easy to figure out that in a couple decades, main inhabitable areas will be sub-polar and polar regions – ain’t no secret).

    What is truly difficult is how to get people like the author of this site, me, and thousands (if not millions) similarly aware people together. I’ll refer to such people as “we” from now on.

    We are extremely careful by nature. We know quite a bit (some – much) about what modern state and corporate machines are. We are slow to trust in any “green” project – as many of them are corrupt to the bone, being just “another business”; and many are simply silly. But worst of all, we are diluted. We are like spores of future, flowing – as of now, – in a vast sea of “averaeg Joes”. We feel lonely. Like the author of this site, most of us do not get to meet, in person, even a single other soul thinking the same we do – instead, we get to meet, in person, alot of folk who think we are not exactly sane. They just can’t get it that continuation of life – for an organism, for a particular human, for any society, for any culture, for any civilization, – is not something granted; it’s a process which can fail, and which will fail given enough “unfortunate” circumstances.

    On top of our own nature which makes it difficult to get in touch witth each other and cooperate, and on top of our physical (and also much “virtual” as well) disconnectedness, – there is also 3rd major force which makes cooperation difficult: fear. Not our fear (we ourselves have fears, but this one is not ours) – but fear of “powers that be”. I mean leading governments, some largest corporations, perhaps some large intelligence agencies like CIA. These organisations and institutions have serious, and on the first glimpse, very justifiable fear of any serious (either large or simply quite strong in its logic) citizen’s movement. They corrupt most threatening ones from inside. They see to maintain status-quo, and to this end, they do much to keep as many people as possible being “mainstream culture”. We know their works massively changing whole education systems, large number of big media (increasingly many in the internet lately, and certainly on TV and radio, and in newspapers). Only two cultures are being implanted into minds of billions today: 1st, consumer’s culture, and 2nd, “model citizen” culture.

    It is wrong that powers that be see us – those few who know how bad it’ll be in a few decades, – as a threat. We are not a threat to current order of global capitalistic industrial (and post-industrial) civilization, because, 1st, we are too few (probably way less than 0.1%), and we’ll remain few – exactly because of undeniable and vast power of, so to say, “indoctrination” which i briefly described just above, and also because it takes seriously high intellect to sort out who’s lieing, who’s misled, who’s just mistaken, – and who’s right and honest in all those debates around climate change, civilization’s fragility, industrial might (which in fact is a might of a coloss stnading on clay-made feet, so to say); 2nd, because we – those of us who’s not too stupid, at least, – are not about to fight powers-that-be, since we know how suicidal it would be to do so – instead, we aim at going away (literally – quite away, subpolar and/or mountains) to literally hide (as good as we can) and survive at very very scarce levels; 3rd, because we might end up to form those small communities and “oases” of civilization which will remain the only possible living space for any humans this mid-century and past – and so, we might as well end up being very people who will provide for sons and daughters of current leaders of powers that be. Indeed, in a way, we are their insurance against the possible collapse of modern industrial civilization – and leaders of powers-that-be should be well aware about such a possibility as of now.

    Still, unfortunately, there are too many “fake” greens, ones who are indeed nothing but a somewhat-significant threat to mainstream culture. And the system (i mean main system of current global order) just treats us, those few who look to run away, humbly, and try to survive, – as alike. Thus it’s literally dangerous even to talk about such matters, – lest act about it. The author of this site appears to be very well aware.

    It’d be sad if current powers-that-be would in fact prevent formation of only possible future for their own children.

    Oh, and why i think current leaders would be able to have their kids “added” to “our” communities? Well, exactly because current leaders have much power. They know alot. They most certainly know about any significant settlements which would aim to survive incoming climate and civilization crisis. Using their resources, they’ll be able to get where they want even when nearly all other people of “big mankind” would be unable to travel anywhere. We should not reject their kids, nor themselves. Surprisingly, quite often, personally, big leaders of modern major powers are very humble, capable, and intelligent people. They might be of great help, once their current “big” companies fail.

    Despite those and other difficulties, i’ll continue to search for a solution; i’ll continue to search for _realistic_, working way to unite us – people who are like author of this site and myself. Just imagine whole _fleet_ of such boats, man – with quite a couple of bigger boats and even ships, – sailing together. Just for example. How much safer and better it would be than a single small boat with a few of us on it? How much more chances it then will be not to end up like Lykovs (russian family with last name “Lykov” – lived for 32 years in complete isolation in boreal forest, 2 babies born there, but the family died out except very last person; she’ll die too, she’s old now – in other words, left alone, small groups often extinct quite soon).

    May be i won’t find a solution, though. Possible. But then, may be, just may be, this very message here would make someone else to find it. If so, then my work writing it will not be in vain. If not, at least i hope noone was nor will be hurt too much by reading it.


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