Once upon a time

It seems a little odd to be starting a blog right now. That’s because I started the project years ago and even this stage of the project is increasingly advanced. I hope readers can forgive the simple truth that a lot of water is already under the bridge, though some might be mentioned in passing at some later point.

The question really is why start a blog now – today?

The answer is simple. My impression is that a small number of people are starting to wake up to the reality we live in and to realise that abrupt climate change is underway and going to rapidly become far more severe. Whether they understand intellectually or instinctively that bad things are starting to happen and that this might be rather serious and a lot sooner than previously comfortably expected isn’t necessarily material. The bottom line is that now – and not before – there may be an audience for my ideas.

As to what I would hope to achieve – just a little bit of inspiration or motivation for people would be good. What I am doing is not a path for everyone, or even most people. However, there may still be collective actions that could yet avert catastrophe (though I think it increasingly less likely with each month going by) and certainly the only way to guarantee failure is not to try in the first place. That applies whether or not one is talking about a hope for the bulk of humanity as living today or for small groups or individuals.

And so without further ado, let’s start – in the middle of the first chapter.