Normal service will resume later, perhaps

It’s been a long time since I updated most of my blogs and online “real estate”. That isn’t because there’s nothing to say on them, or nothing has been happening – rather the reverse. I have a lot going on and enough large risks I’m running that either a large dose of luck or divine intervention is likely needed to make them all come good. Statistics isn’t always a friend.

As I continue to work on this – while trying to juggle large issues from my personal life and day to day requirements of continuing to eat, sleep and breathe – I reflect somewhat on a few things. One of them is that I believe in doing more than in talking. It is relatively easy for people to sit behind a keyboard typing things online in relation to all this – and indeed plenty of people are doing that. But – all the talk in the world cannot change it – for that people must act. So, for all those glued to their television or computer screens, or idly chatting to friends, neighbours or work colleagues – please reflect on that. The seriousness of the situation merits more than idle talk.

Another reflection is that sometimes my perspective is strangely detached. I sometimes feel as though I already had a lifetime of adversity and it takes a lot to unsettle me. I can watch a world slowly unwinding and the risk factors for widespread societal collapse spreading and growing and feel little. Catastrophe, fast or slow – has always been this way for me. It means I have less empathy than I suppose most people would call ideal and yet I can continue to function in circumstances where I suspect many people cannot. I’m not certain it is an advantage or a good thing overall.

If enough of the right things go well, in the next month or two there should be a big update in this space – a milestone of sorts in the implementation of the project. Worst case – if not – there comes a time in everyone’s life when the number of things you can find to be afraid of start to shrink in number. That time came for me years ago; I don’t have many fears left.